Github user spmallette commented on the issue:
    Sorry, but I haven't had time to dig into this into any great detail. 
Hopefully, sometime this week. Here's some quick comments based on the 
    > I actually think we should make DFS the default for OLTP
    >  I'd want to give users a bit of time to know this exists, and make the 
switch after there's some awareness of the option to toggle between the two.
    That's a topic that is probably worth a DISCUSS thread on the dev mailing 
list. I typically reference threads like that as a link in the associated JIRA.
    > mvn clean test
    That should work, but typically only after `mvn clean install` of a new 
branch.  gremlin-shaded and hadoop-gremlin typically cause that problem, as a 
result, you really can only do `mvn clean install` at least until 3.4.x when i 
get some changes in (maybe...hopefully).


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