Github user spmallette commented on the issue:
    This PR shows a pretty nice level of understanding of the intricacies of 
the core of how Gremlin works.  We rarely get PRs that touch this area of 
TinkerPop to any depth. I found it interesting that most of the plumbing for 
this feature was already there. It mostly just needed a new `Traverser` species 
in place to make it all come together. 
    I made a separate comment on this PR to expand a unit test case, but other 
than that, it looks pretty good. As a minor nit, @GCHQResearcher1337 if you 
could please make a second pass through your changes and `final` any variables 
you see that can be marked as such (as that is our style). 
    @dkuppitz could you take a look at the Gremlin tests added here in detail 
and see if you would recommend any others?
    Anyway, that's my initial pass at this. I expect to give it a second look 
before I provide my VOTE. I would also like to see feedback from @dkuppitz who 
is on holiday until next week, so I probably won't have any other feedback 
until then.


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