Hi guys,

my name is Antonio and i'm java developer. First of all i want to congratulate 
with you for the great work you have done with Tinkerpop framework.

I' m working with Dse Graph using Tinkerpop for developing a feature of my app 
and i'm facing a problem that i want to share with you.

I've got a Rest service that must return all the vertices of a graph that has a 
certain Label and for each of them i should return also the adjacent vertices.

I've built my Traversal properly and then i've performed the terminal step 
"toList()" for having the vertices found on Dse Graph. For each of these 
vertices i've called the "vertices" method for finding the adjacent vertices 
(with Direction.OUT as first arg and "valid_for" as second arg) .

After that i've run a junit test with TinkerGraph object to simulate a db in 
memory and everything works fine but when i perform a test with Dse Graph 
remote connection i've seen that the list of vertices returned by "toList()" 
step are DetachedVertex and the method "vertices" is returning an empty 
Collection. My question is the following: is there a way for returning the 
original elements and not a DetachedVertex when i perform the "toList()" step, 
so i can call the method "vertices" and get all the adjacent vertices from my 


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