--- Comment #6 from Christopher Schultz <> ---
(In reply to Mark Thomas from comment #5)
> The complication - and I need to dig through the archives to find the
> details - is that there was a requirement that Tomcat started even if a
> connector failed.

I apologize as I'm ignorant of the code in question, but isn't Tomcat's
bootstrap process circumvented by an embedded controller? In that case, Tomcat
can just try/catch around the Connector.start() calls and log there, no?

> What we have here is two requirements for exactly opposite behavior. I
> suspect configuration will have to be part of the solution but if someone
> can find a way to do this without a new option, great.

It's ugly, but we could also have a callback-registration that would indicate
errors for certain components that failed to start. Post-start, the embedded
controller could take remunerative action.

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