> From: Tiramisu Ling [mailto:saberge...@gmail.com] 
> Subject: Re: How could I get involved into tomcat development?

> Hi, I meet some problems when I try to build tomcat on ubuntu 16.04 locally.

> *    [javac] javac: invalid target release: 1.8                               
>            *

> But both my java -v and javac -v are 1.7.0

Upgrade your JDK to Java 8.  This is required for building trunk or 9.0.x, and 
recommended for other levels.  You can build Tomcat 8.5 and older on Java 7.  
You didn't tell us what version of Tomcat you're using, but since you're 
working on a Bugzilla entry, you should be testing on trunk first.

 - Chuck

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