--- Comment #3 from Rainer Jung <> ---
> I have mod_jk working fine with apache httpd, but I noticed the following
> duplicate entries in mod_jk.log during startup:
> [Tue Oct 11 12:14:53.621 2016] [7005:140099906832576] [info]
> init_jk::mod_jk.c (3595): mod_jk/1.2.42 initialized
> [Tue Oct 11 12:14:53.679 2016] [7005:140099906832576] [info]
> init_jk::mod_jk.c (3595): mod_jk/1.2.42 initialized
> Just concerned the initialization might be happening twice, causing extra
> resources to be allocated.
> Apache HTTPD version: Apache/2.4.23 (Fedora)
> mod_jk version: 1.2.42

This behavior is almost normal and hasn't changed during the last releases.

What is strange, is that both lines show the same pid (process id). A normal
startup should show different pids. During Apache startup there's first a
temporary process that will go away and then a second process will stay as the
mother process of all children. One should see first the pid of the temporary
process which will no longer exist after startup, and then the pid of the
mother process that wil stay. In your case we see two times the pid "7005". Can
you double check, whether the numbers are the real ones? The pid is the first
of the two numbers in the square brackets after the timestamp.

Is there anything special about your startup/test? Using "-X" or some exotic



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