The proposed Apache Tomcat 9.0.0.M24 release is now available for voting.

This is a milestone release for the 9.0.x branch. It should be
noted that, as a milestone release:
- Servlet 4.0 is not finalised
- The EGs have not started work on JSP 2.4, EL 3.1 or WebSocket 1.2/2.0

Note that the 9.0.0.M23 release vote was cancelled due to a regression.

The major changes compared to the 9.0.0.M22 release are:

- Correct a regression in 9.0.0.M22 that prevented Tomcat from shutting
  down cleanly.

- Add LoadBalancerDrainingValve, a Valve designed to reduce the amount
  of time required for a node to drain its authenticated users.

- When generating JSP runtime error messages that quote the relevant JSP
  source code, switch from using the results of the JSP page parsing
  process to using the JSR 045 source map data to identify the correct
  part of the JSP source from the stack trace. This significantly
  reduces the memory footprint of Jasper in development mode, provides a
  small performance improvement for error page generation and enables
  source quotes to continue to be provided after a Tomcat restart.

- Add support for a Tomcat specific deployment descriptor,

Along with lots of other bug fixes and improvements.

For full details, see the changelog:

It can be obtained from:
The Maven staging repo is:
The svn tag is:

The proposed 9.0.0.M24 release is:
[ ] Broken - do not release
[ ] Alpha - go ahead and release as 9.0.0.M24

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