Am 18.07.2017 um 18:35 schrieb Konstantin Kolinko:
2017-07-18 19:01 GMT+03:00 Mark Thomas <>:
On 18/07/17 16:55, Konstantin Kolinko wrote:

As of now
displays default ASF mirrors cgi, instead of our custom template

Odd. I see the expected page.

I've checked the and aliases as well and all
looks to be OK.
- OK
- broken

The same results if I use https:.

I wonder where it went wrong.

Temporary glitch?

It looks like it.
Maybe it depends on geo location.

Currently there is only one suggested mirror for my country and that
mirror is currently failing (HTTP 1.1 502 Bad Gateway),

As US mirror is OK for me, it is now clear that an error is not at
Tomcat project side.

Download pages for other projects work correctly. E.g.

Looking via viewvc, I see that svn:executable property is set on these
files (as was required by infra)

It seems to depend on the server chosen by the request via DNS.

Name resolution for returns


Resolving always returns the 140 address, returns the 62 and 88 address.

The 140 and 88 addresses return the correct page for the download cgi, the 62 IP returns the wrong one, ie. the default ASF download page. The results are independent of using the Host header "", "" or "" for any of the three addresses.

So the web server behind seems to have a config problem.

Should I report to infra?



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