2017-08-11 18:20 GMT+03:00 Mark Thomas <ma...@apache.org>:
> On 09/08/17 15:51, Mark Thomas wrote:
>> I'll take a look at this. I think the hint about the statistics hack
>> will help me get further than I have so far. Whether it is far enough,
>> we'll see.
> As it happened, the statistics weren't the fix I needed but they got me
> looking in the right direction where I found SSL_renegotiate_pending() -
> thanks for the hint.
> I have attached my proposed patch for review.

1. Sanity check:  You need to explicitly initialize new local variable
"error = 0".

Current code initializes it only when "if (retVal < 1)" and subsequent
if (error == SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ) reads an uninitialized value.

Local variables need explicit initialization in C (they do not default to 0).

2. Many new lines have tab characters and some have trailing whitespace.

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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