On 31/08/17 22:13, Christopher Schultz wrote:
> All,
> I've got a subversion repository with multiple "projects" similar to
> how ASF has their set up: each project gets a top-level directory,
> then /trunk, /tags, and /branches below each of those top-levels.
> I'd like to merge two of my projects together, and I can only see
> three options:
> 1. Check out the entire repository and "svn mv" individual
> files/directories between the projects in the working copy, then do a
> single commit.
> 2. Do an "svn mv project-url-A project-url-b/temp" and then move the
> files around within the working copy of project-url-b to get them
> where I want them.
> This will create at least two commits, where the first commit creates
> a bit of a not-sane state with regard to project-b, but isn't the
> worst thing that could happen.
> 3. Do individual "svn mv" operations on each of the files and
> directories I want to move as URLs (i.e. not using the working-copy).
> This will create many commits where the state of project-B is
> potentially broken.
> Are there any other ways of doing this that I haven't thought of? I'd
> really like to have a single commit that goes from these projects
> being separate to them being unified without breaking any builds or
> doing any "temp" funny business like I have in option 2 above.

1. but with a sparse checkout so you only checkout the projects you want
to merge?


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