--- Comment #2 from Dinesh Ilindra <> ---
"return DECLINE" means that the httpd server can continue the request
processing to the next possible option

For example, 

if uri "/app/*" is configured to goto mod_jk and there is an error occurred in
mod_jk processing (could be any reason), then the 500 code is returned and
httpd also passes the same 500 to the requester

no, the other option here is that if an error occurred in mod_jk processing, it
sends DECLINE to httpd, so that if a static folder with name "/app" is present
on the docroot, that contents will be served based on the uri

So, here the static content that is on httpd server docroot will act as
failover pages for the dynamic content that was supposed to be returned by
mod_jk in an error scenario, rather than to return a 500 page

Hope this detail is more clear.

- Dinesh

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