Am 13.09.2017 um 23:02 schrieb Mark Thomas:
The proposed Apache Tomcat 8.5.21 release is now available for voting.

The major changes compared to the 8.5.20 release are:

- Additional capabilities for the CGI Servlet. Based on patches provided
  by jm009.

- Added support for the OpenSSL SSL_CONF API. To support this the
  minimum required Tomcat Native version is 1.2.14.

Along with lots of other bug fixes and improvements.

It can be obtained from:
The Maven staging repo is:
The svn tag is:

The proposed 8.5.21 release is:
[ ] Broken - do not release
[X] Stable - go ahead and release as 8.5.21

+1 to release and thanks for RM!



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