Author: kkolinko
Revision: 1816647
Modified property: svn:log

Modified: svn:log at Wed Nov 29 21:21:46 2017
--- svn:log (original)
+++ svn:log Wed Nov 29 21:21:46 2017
@@ -1,7 +1 @@
-Update the Java EE 8 XML schema to the released versions.
-- Picks up a couple of element name changes for web .xml
-- Lots of whitespace changes (as with the previous versions I converted tabs 
to spaces and removed trailing spaces before committing)
-- Adds (yes adds!) a handful of typos
-- Some additional commentary
-No change to licensing. We are electing to distribute under the CDDL.
+Add missing SHA-512 hash for release artifacts to the build script.

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