--- Comment #8 from Mark Thomas <> ---
I think it is worth a try.

I also have some suggested changes to the patch:
- Move the logout button to the next row down and ensure it appears on other
screens with a similar banner.
- rather than display a logout message, forward to a logout.jsp (under
WEB-INF/jsps lists the others)
- include a message on that JSP to the effect of 'Not all browsers support log
out. Click this link to return to the Manager app. You should be prompted for
credentials. If you are, logout works for this UA. If you see the Manager home
page, logout doesn't work and you should close the browser to logout.'
- Maybe add something along the lines of 'Let us known of any UAs that don't
logout and we'll see if we can find a work-around'

Probably best to see how well the JavaScript logout works before looking at the
other aspects.

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