--- Comment #69 from Michael Osipov <> ---
(In reply to William Watson from comment #68)
> I believe an option to send a reason phrase should be maintained in Tomcat 9.
> The reason phrase should be ignored by RFC-compliant client software.  But
> RFC compliant software is not the only thing that consumes responses.
> HTTP responses are also read by developers.  In this case, the reason phrase
> can provide useful information.  The developer experience of a REST API is
> improved with a reason phrase.  The reason phrase may be visible to a
> developer using cURL or when debugging their application.
> In short, "405 METHOD NOT ALLOWED" provides a better developer experience
> than "405 ".

the semantics of every status code are well defined. The text is just nice
gimmick. I don't think that "404 Nothing to see here" adds any value. An HTTP
developer not known status codes is a bad developer.

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