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--- Comment #2 from Mark Thomas <> ---
There are multiple things going on here.

1. The sample application doesn't reproduce the issue described here. An ISE is
thrown but it is thrown because the error JSP tries to create a session. Once:
<%@ page session="false" %>
is added to the JSP error page, then the sample application reproduces the
error described here.

2. The ISE is thrown because JSPs always use writers. This makes them a poor
choice for error pages where pages that may experience errors use OutputStreams
and may have committed the response before the error occurs. Static error pages
are generally better as the DefaultServlet has code to handle the OutputStream
or Writer case.

3. There is little point producing an error page after an error has occurred
that has closed the connection to the client.

1 & 2 represent common problems with using JSPs as error pages. A likely side
effect of the changes in bug 41007 - that caused more errors to be passed to
the error handling mechanism - is that we will probably see more reports as a
result of using JSP error pages inappropriately.

3 is something that we can address. I have committed an enhancement for this to

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