Le 04/04/2018 à 09:54, Mark Thomas a écrit :

> I like the idea of simplifying the integration of javac - irrespective
> of the reasoning for wanting to use javac. I guess it is something to
> look at in Tomcat 10. Whether or not it gets back-ported is a different
> question. I guess it depends what the solution ends up looking like.

I've just completed an initial implementation:


I tested with Java 8 and 10 on Windows and it worked fine with the JSP
examples shipped with Tomcat. It allowed me to use the new 'var' syntax
with Java 10.

Unlike ECJ the javax.tools API cannot take an existing ClassLoader but
expects a list of files. So it is probably slower, and I guess it
doesn't support non unpacked war files. The javax.tools API also
requires the JDK (the JRE has the API but not the underlying

So this compiler is quite equivalent to the Ant based compiler, but at
least it doesn't require an additional jar.

Emmanuel Bourg

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