--- Comment #4 from Remy Maucherat <> ---
Ok ! :(

In that other spec, the query string is indeed different from the path, but the
path itself may be a bit different from our validation as well.

For path:
The C0 control percent-encode set are the C0 controls and all code points
greater than U+007E (~).
The fragment percent-encode set is the C0 control percent-encode set and U+0020
SPACE, U+0022 ("), U+003C (<), U+003E (>), and U+0060 (`).
The path percent-encode set is the fragment percent-encode set and U+0023 (#),
U+003F (?), U+007B ({), and U+007D (}). 

For the query:
"If byte is less than 0x21 (!), greater than 0x7E (~), or is 0x22 ("), 0x23
(#), 0x3C (<), or 0x3E (>), append byte, percent encoded, to url’s query"

+1 to allow this validation optionally.

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