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   When the above flag is set, Tomcat recycles facades to its internal objects 
when request processing completes. This makes it easier to spot illegal access 
when it happens, instead of waiting until side effects of such access become 
   This flag is also mentioned on the 
 Considerations]] page.<<BR>><<BR>>
-  The flag is `true` when Tomcat runs with enabled 
Security Manager]].
+  The flag is `true` when Tomcat runs with enabled 
Security Manager]].<<BR>><<BR>>
+  You can also search the archives of the Tomcat users' 
[[|mailing lists]] for previous discussions 
mentioning the `RECYCLE_FACADES` flag.
   2. Read about [[FAQ/KnownIssues#ImageIOIssues|Java ImageIO]] issue.
+ Accessing response objects after their lifetime can lead to security issues 
in your application, such as sending responses to wrong clients, mixing up 
responses. If you can reproduce the issue and the above diagnostic does not 
show your own bug, but a bug in Apache Tomcat,
+  * if the problem manifests as a security issue, see 
[[|how to report it]].

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