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--- Comment #3 from Mark Thomas <> ---
Thanks for the debug log. It appears that this is not a Tomcat bug.

The first error occurs on Connection [0], Stream [217]

Following that connection in the debug log shows:
08-May-2018 06:54:13.779
- Client sends HEADERS frame and stream 217 is created
- flags=36 (includes Priority, end headers)

The end stream flag is not set so there should be a request body.

08-May-2018 06:54:13.779
- Stream transitions to IDLE
- Headers are read
- Window size updated (plenty of space before and after)

08-May-2018 06:54:13.779
- DATA frame sent (request body)
- flags=1 (end stream)

The data is read and the stream transitions to HALF_CLOSED_REMOTE because no
more data is expected from the client.

08-May-2018 06:54:13.842
- client sends RESET frame with reason 8 (CANCEL).
- Tomcat closes the stream which blocks further I/O

08-May-2018 06:54:14.701
- application tries to write to response
- I/O fails because the stream has been closed

The client is resetting the stream (CANCEL). The expectation is that the
application catches the ClientAbortException and handles it which usually means
ignore it since they can be fairly frequent.

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