Github user markt-asf commented on the issue:
    The specification is not as explicit as it could be in this case. The spec 
text refers to the Javadoc. The Javadoc says "Returns the resource located at 
the named path as an InputStream object." without any details of how a 
directory object should be represented as an InputStream.
    The Javadoc does include references to URL handlers and URLConnection 
objects so it is not unreasonable to assume that similar behaviour is expected.
    One concern that I do have with replicating the URLConnection behaviour is 
that it is not designed for file names that include \n. The are passed on 
without escaping and \n is also used as the separator between file names. 
However, that usage is rare and it might be a limitation we have to live with. 
There are other APIs that can be used to get directory listings without 
    Rather than going via URLConnection, I'm leaning towards replicating the 
behaviour. I do want to check if the \n is always used or if it varies with 


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