Running the unit tests for trunk on my relatively slow Solaris machine, two of the performance tests run especially long:

javax.websocket.TestContainerProviderPerformance: about 25 minutes per connector.

org.apache.jasper.runtime.TestTagHandlerPoolPerformance: about 5 minutes per connector.

I know that I can disable all performance tests using test.excludePerformance, but apart from those two all others run reasonably fast.

In test/javax/websocket/, there's an iteration count, currently 250000. Is there a special reason, why it is so high? Would fast machines still generate a reasonable test result with something much smaller, like e.g. 10000? Phrased differently: how fast does that test currently run on your machine?

The other test, test/org/apache/jasper/runtime/, uses an iteration count of 5000000 and at least on my 2 core test system doesn't scale well. It takes "just" 5 minutes, but still the question is, whether we could lower the iteration count maybe to 1000000 without making the test useless?

Note that the tests seem to not have any success or failure assertion.



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