On 31/05/18 18:58, Igal Sapir wrote:
> On 5/31/2018 3:28 AM, Mark Thomas wrote:
>> <snip/>
>> As you may have noticed I have been working on the HttpParser unit tests
>> over the last few days. This was prompted, as a result of the recent
>> fqdn parsing issues, to ensure that the unit tests were covering all of
>> the edge cases. While the fqdn parsing was fine, working on the unit
>> tests to expand code coverage uncovered three related bugs in the
>> handling of some error cases in the HTTP header parsing.
>> In light of the above experience, I now think suggesting improving the
>> unit test coverage is a great place to suggest for a contributor to get
>> started when they don;t have their own itch to scratch.
>> Thoughts?
> I, for one, would be very happy to work on things like that as it will
> allow me to get familiarized with the code better.
> I will look at your recent unit tests for HttpParser and other classes,
> but are there any written guidelines regarding test cases?

No written guidelines I'm afraid.

A large proportion of the tests are closer to integration tests (they
run up an embedded Tomcat instance) than a unit test but we don't
differentiate unless a class needs both types in which case the
integration tests have 'integration' added to the class name.

Generally, follow the style of the existing tests and you should be on
the right lines.


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