On 05/06/18 14:58, Ignat Alexeyenko wrote:
> Hello, everyone!
> Just found out today that Tomcat 8.0 reaches end of life this months. Could
> you please advice on approximate timeframe for how long 8.5 version is
> going to be supported, so we could plan our upgrades.

There is currently no planned EOL date for 8.5.x.

The Tomcat community currently supports (at least) 3 versions in
parallel. As of 1 July 2018 those versions will be:

We have also stated that we will give at least 12 months notice of the
EOL of any release line.

EOL for 7.0.x will depend on the timescales for Tomcat 10.

Major Tomcat versions have been aligned with releases of the Java EE
specification. With the move of Java EE to Jakarta EE at the Eclipse
Foundation, the future plans and timescales for all components are

My best guess at this point is that major versions of Tomcat will follow
releases of the Servlet specification. There is currently no timescale
for the next release of the Servlet specification. December 2018 has
been mentioned as a tentative date for the next release but the schedule
that was part of has already slipped so it looks unlikely.

At this point I don't see EOL for Tomcat 7.0.x being announced before 31
December 2018 meaning EOL for 7.0.x would not be until at least 31
December 2019. Those are the earliest possible dates. A slip of at least
6 to 12 months would not surprise me.

At this point, dates for 8.5.x EOL are impossible to predict with any
more accuracy than "several years" after 7.0.x EOL.


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