Great to know, thanks Mark.


On 14/12/2018 15:49, Mark Thomas wrote:
On 14/12/2018 10:47, Rory O'Donnell wrote:
Hi Mark,

*JDK 12 Early Access build **is now available **at : -*

  * Per the JDK 12 schedule [1], we are now in Rampdown Phase One.
      o For more details , see Mark Reinhold's email to jdk-dev mailing
        list [2]
      o The overall feature set is frozen, no further JEPs will be
        targeted to this release.
      o We’ve forked the main-line source repository, jdk/jdk, to the
        JDK 12 stabilization repository.
I've just built 9.0.x and run through the unit tests on all three
connectors with this latest EA version with no errors.

Simple smoke test (WebSocket snake game exmaple) passes too.


Changes since the last availability email

  * JEP 189: Shenandoah: A Low-Pause-Time Garbage Collector
    (Experimental) <> moved to *Targeted*.
  * JEP 334: JVM Constants API <> moved
    to *Targeted*.
  * JEP 344: Abortable Mixed Collections for G1
    <> moved  to *Targeted*.
  * JEP 346: Promptly Return Unused Committed Memory from G1
    <> to *Targeted*.
  * JEP 326: Raw String Literals <>
    (Preview) *Proposed to drop from JDK 12*
      o link to proposal on jdk-dev

Bug fixes reported by Open Source Projects  :

      o JDK-8211051 - fixed in b22 - reported by JUnit5
      o JDK-8211422 - fixed in b23 - reported by Apache Batik

The Java Crypto Roadmap <> has been
updated with the following target:

  * With the 2019-04-16 CPU,
      o Targeted Releases - JDK 12, JDK 11, JDK 8, and JDK 7
      o Distrust TLS server certificates anchored by Symantec Root CAs.

Oracle Java SE 8 Release Updates [3]

  * Public updates for Oracle Java SE 8 released after January 2019 will
    not be available for business, commercial or production use without
    a commercial license.

Rgds, Rory


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