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(In reply to Mark Thomas from comment #10)
> The issue isn't obvious but is observable on Ubuntu.
> I agree that "\&" -> to "\&\&" is the correct fix. I'll get that implemented
> and back-ported.

This fix seems wrong. $! does not work after &&, only after &. Thus, the
correct PID cannot be obtained. Unfortunately, && and & mean something
completely different.

You can see this if you call "true & echo $!" versus "true && echo $!" several
times. The first one will always give different PIDs while the second one will
always give the same PID (may also be empty if nothing else was run in the
background before).

If I understand you correctly, you want to have the PID of nohup and you want
to write no PID file if nohup fails? I think this is non-trivial, because in
one case, the process is still running while in the other case it isn't. All
workarounds that came to my mind are very ugly, so I cannot provide a patch.

For me, the old works smoother than the new one.

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