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Thanks for the quick review. However, I didn't ask how to use log4j1.2 with
Tomcat.  I have it working properly with Tomcat 6.0/7.0/8.0.  Now, I tried to
upgrade to Tomcat 9.0 and the same logging setup no longer works. There is no
change in any of the code or configuration on my part, the only difference is
Tomcat image- from 8.0 to 9.0.  Therefore, would it be natural to look into
what may change in Tomcat 9.0 in this case?

I understand that things may change in a major upgrade between releases.  But
I'd expect the important changes would be noted in the release notes and/or
migration guide. I checked Tomcat online documentation and didn't find any
reference that log4j1.2 can't be used with Tomcat 9.0.  I also looked up the
bug list and didn't find anything before submitting this report.

I attempted to dig it further in Tomcat source code but couldn't get too far.

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