On 06/08/2019 21:05, Christopher Schultz wrote:
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> All,
> Someone recently had a problem where the FarmWarDeployer wouldn't work
> on a secondary node because File.renameTo was failing -- likely due to
> the underlying Java/OS refusing to re-name a file across filesystems.
> I propose that we switch to using Files.move which will either re-name
> or move depending upon what is necessary. It also throws an exception
> if it can't do its work, rather than failing and returning false.
> Code patch below. I would also remove all of the
> "farmWarDeployer.renameFail" error message keys from the resource bundle
> s.

+1. Might be worth a wider review of where else File.renameTo() is used.

This is Java 7 so it can also be back-ported to 8.5.x.


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