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--- Comment #1 from Mark Thomas <> ---
There are various odd things about this report.

The visualVM trace shows calling
WebappClassLoaderBase.loadClass() but there are no direct calls to loadClass()
in addEventHandler() and nothing I can see that should trigger class loading.

For an increase in the TTL to improve class loading performance, the same class
would have to be being loaded repeatedly. However, the class loader caches all
loaded classes for the lifetime of the class loader. That suggests the class
that is being requested isn't being found.

This should be followed up on the users mailing list to get to the root cause
of the performance issues here. It looks like the application is repeatedly
trying to load a class that does not exist.

In Tomcat 7 the web application class loader maintains a LRU cache of "not
found" resources. This was removed in the resources refactoring in 8.0.x.
Depending on what the further investigation on the users list finds, there
might be a case for restoring that in some form.

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