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--- Comment #1 from Rainer Jung <> ---
As far as I remember, the isapi redirector support some kind of virtual hosting
in IIS by first prefixing the URL with the local server name before mapping the
request using Only if it can't map that URI, it will
next try the raw URI without prefixed vhost.

So the log tells us, that it first tries to map


and that URI matches the root map, not the tomcat map.

I guess port 48080 is something you configured. If that is stable, you could
try the follwoing rules instead in


Any non-root context mapping would not require the vhost prefix in the rules,
because it would never match a /HOST:PORT/ prefixed URI. Only /* unfortunately
matches it.

Alternatively you can stay with your config but add another first rule
(exclusion rule starting with an exclamation mark):


You can read a bit about the IIS vhost feature and maps under:



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