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commit 31cb35549d5d3976af3e8cd0440147efddc6e7fa
Author: Mark Thomas <>
AuthorDate: Wed Sep 11 13:20:57 2019 +0100

    Remove unused i18n messages (re3moval of translations to follow)
 java/org/apache/catalina/connector/      | 1 -
 java/org/apache/catalina/core/           | 2 --
 java/org/apache/catalina/loader/         | 9 ---------
 java/org/apache/catalina/manager/        | 1 -
 java/org/apache/catalina/manager/host/   | 1 -
 java/org/apache/catalina/realm/          | 2 --
 java/org/apache/catalina/startup/        | 6 ------
 java/org/apache/catalina/webresources/   | 2 --
 java/org/apache/coyote/ajp/              | 2 --
 java/org/apache/coyote/http11/           | 3 ---
 java/org/apache/coyote/http2/            | 7 -------
 java/org/apache/jasper/resources/        | 2 --
 java/org/apache/tomcat/util/buf/         | 1 -
 java/org/apache/tomcat/util/http/parser/ | 1 -
 java/org/apache/tomcat/util/net/         | 3 ---
 java/org/apache/tomcat/util/net/jsse/    | 5 -----
 java/org/apache/tomcat/util/net/openssl/ | 5 -----
 java/org/apache/tomcat/websocket/        | 1 -
 java/org/apache/tomcat/websocket/server/ | 3 ---
 19 files changed, 57 deletions(-)

diff --git a/java/org/apache/catalina/connector/ 
index c6ea9a4..cdb98ed 100644
--- a/java/org/apache/catalina/connector/
+++ b/java/org/apache/catalina/connector/
@@ -21,7 +21,6 @@ coyoteAdapter.checkRecycled.request=Encountered a 
non-recycled request and recyc
 coyoteAdapter.checkRecycled.response=Encountered a non-recycled response and 
recycled it forcedly.
 coyoteAdapter.debug=The variable [{0}] has value [{1}]
 coyoteAdapter.nullRequest=An asynchronous dispatch may only happen on an 
existing request
-coyoteAdapter.parsePathParam=Unable to parse the path parameters using 
encoding [{0}]. The path parameters in the URL will be ignored.
 coyoteConnector.invalidEncoding=The encoding [{0}] is not recognised by the 
JRE. The Connector will continue to use [{1}]
 coyoteConnector.invalidPort=The connector cannot start since the specified 
port value of [{0}] is invalid
diff --git a/java/org/apache/catalina/core/ 
index 8f943c5..f0ed527 100644
--- a/java/org/apache/catalina/core/
+++ b/java/org/apache/catalina/core/
@@ -178,7 +178,6 @@ standardContext.manager=Configured a manager of class [{0}]
 standardContext.managerFail=The session manager failed to start to destroy old naming 
resources to init new naming resources
-standardContext.noResourceJar=Resource JARs are not supported. The JAR found 
at [{0}] will not be used to provide static content for context with name [{1}]
 standardContext.notStarted=Context with name [{0}] has not yet been started
 standardContext.notWrapper=Child of a Context must be a Wrapper
 standardContext.parameter.duplicate=Duplicate context initialization parameter 
@@ -205,7 +204,6 @@ standardContext.startingContext=Exception starting Context 
with name [{0}]
 standardContext.stop.asyncWaitInterrupted=Interrupt received while waiting 
unloadDelay milliseconds for in-flight asynchronous requests to complete. 
Context stop will continue without further delay.
 standardContext.stoppingContext=Exception stopping Context with name [{0}]
 standardContext.threadBindingListenerError=An error occurred in the thread 
binding listener configured for Context [{0}]
-standardContext.unknownCookieEncoding=The unknown encoding [{0}] was specified 
for setCookieEncoding(String) so the default of UTF-8 will be used instead
 standardContext.urlPattern.patternWarning=WARNING: URL pattern [{0}] must 
start with a ''/'' in Servlet 2.4
 standardContext.webappClassLoader.missingProperty=Unable to set the web 
application class loader property [{0}] to [{1}] as the property does not exist.
 standardContext.workCreateException=Failed to determine absolute work 
directory from directory [{0}] and CATALINA_HOME [{1}] for context [{2}]
diff --git a/java/org/apache/catalina/loader/ 
index cea4b46..f1b1bf7 100644
--- a/java/org/apache/catalina/loader/
+++ b/java/org/apache/catalina/loader/
@@ -30,13 +30,10 @@ webappClassLoader.checkThreadLocalsForLeaksNull=The web 
application [{0}] create
 webappClassLoader.checkThreadsHttpClient=Found HttpClient keep-alive thread 
using web application class loader. Fixed by switching thread to the parent 
class loader.
 webappClassLoader.clearJdbc=The web application [{0}] registered the JDBC 
driver [{1}] but failed to unregister it when the web application was stopped. 
To prevent a memory leak, the JDBC Driver has been forcibly unregistered.
 webappClassLoader.clearObjectStreamClassCachesFail=Failed to clear soft 
references from ObjectStreamClass$Caches for web application [{0}]
-webappClassLoader.clearReferencesResourceBundlesCount=Removed [{0}] 
ResourceBundle references from the cache for web application [{1}]
-webappClassLoader.clearReferencesResourceBundlesFail=Failed to clear 
ResourceBundle references for web application [{0}]
 webappClassLoader.clearRmi=Found RMI Target with stub class class [{0}] and 
value [{1}]. This RMI Target has been forcibly removed to prevent a memory leak.
 webappClassLoader.clearRmiFail=Failed to clear context class loader referenced 
from sun.rmi.transport.Target for web application [{0}]
 webappClassLoader.clearRmiInfo=Failed to find class sun.rmi.transport.Target 
to clear context class loader for web application [{0}]. This is expected on 
non-Sun JVMs.
 webappClassLoader.getThreadGroupError=Unable to obtain the parent for 
ThreadGroup [{0}]. It will not be possible to check all threads for potential 
memory leaks
-webappClassLoader.illegalJarPath=Illegal JAR entry detected with name [{0}]
 webappClassLoader.jarsAdded=One or more JARs have been added to the web 
application [{0}]
 webappClassLoader.jarsModified=One or more JARs have been modified in the web 
application [{0}]
 webappClassLoader.jarsRemoved=One or more JARs have been removed from the web 
application [{0}]
@@ -53,18 +50,12 @@ webappClassLoader.stopTimerThreadFail=Failed to terminate 
TimerThread named [{0}
 webappClassLoader.stopped=Illegal access: this web application instance has 
been stopped already. Could not load [{0}]. The following stack trace is thrown 
for debugging purposes as well as to attempt to terminate the thread which 
caused the illegal access.
 webappClassLoader.superCloseFail=Failure calling close() on super class
 webappClassLoader.transformError=Instrumentation error: could not transform 
class [{0}] because its class file format is not legal.
-webappClassLoader.validationErrorJarPath=Unable to validate JAR entry with 
name [{0}]
 webappClassLoader.warnTimerThread=The web application [{0}] appears to have 
started a TimerThread named [{1}] via the java.util.Timer API but has failed to 
stop it. To prevent a memory leak, the timer (and hence the associated thread) 
has been forcibly canceled.
 webappClassLoader.wrongVersion=(unable to load class [{0}])
 webappClassLoaderParallel.registrationFailed=Registration of 
org.apache.catalina.loader.ParallelWebappClassLoader as capable of loading 
classes in parallel failed
-webappLoader.classDeploy=Deploy class files [{0}] to [{1}]
-webappLoader.copyFailure=Failed to copy resources
 webappLoader.deploy=Deploying class repositories to work directory [{0}]
-webappLoader.jarDeploy=Deploy JAR [{0}] to [{1}]
-webappLoader.mkdirFailure=Failed to create destination directory to copy 
-webappLoader.readFailure=Unable to read resource [{0}]
 webappLoader.reloadable=Cannot set reloadable property to [{0}]
 webappLoader.setContext.ise=Setting the Context is not permitted while the 
loader is started.
 webappLoader.starting=Starting this Loader
diff --git a/java/org/apache/catalina/manager/ 
index e41c483..fac641c 100644
--- a/java/org/apache/catalina/manager/
+++ b/java/org/apache/catalina/manager/
@@ -167,7 +167,6 @@ managerServlet.sslReloadFail=FAIL - Failed to reload TLS 
 managerServlet.startFailed=FAIL - Application at context path [{0}] could not 
be started
 managerServlet.started=OK - Started application at context path [{0}]
 managerServlet.stopped=OK - Stopped application at context path [{0}]
-managerServlet.storeConfig.invalidMBean=FAIL - Unable to find the StoreConfig 
Mbean. [{0}] is not a valid name for an MBean.
 managerServlet.storeConfig.noMBean=FAIL - No StoreConfig MBean registered at 
[{0}]. Registration is typically performed by the StoreConfigLifecycleListener.
 managerServlet.threaddump=OK - JVM thread dump
 managerServlet.trustedCertsNotConfigured=No trusted certificates are 
configured for this virtual host
diff --git a/java/org/apache/catalina/manager/host/ 
index 7949717..60dbb67 100644
--- a/java/org/apache/catalina/manager/host/
+++ b/java/org/apache/catalina/manager/host/
@@ -68,7 +68,6 @@ htmlHostManagerServlet.hostAliases=Host aliases
 htmlHostManagerServlet.hostName=Host name
 htmlHostManagerServlet.hostThis=Host Manager installed - commands disabled
diff --git a/java/org/apache/catalina/realm/ 
index 09d0408..ba0de03 100644
--- a/java/org/apache/catalina/realm/
+++ b/java/org/apache/catalina/realm/
@@ -23,7 +23,6 @@ combinedRealm.realmStartFail=Failed to start [{0}] realm
 combinedRealm.unexpectedMethod=An unexpected call was made to a method on the 
combined realm
 credentialHandler.invalidStoredCredential=The invalid stored credential string 
[{0}] was provided by the Realm to match with the user provided credentials
-credentialHandler.unableToMutateUserCredential=Failed to mutate user provided 
credentials. This typically means the CredentialHandler configuration is invalid
 dataSourceRealm.authenticateFailure=Username [{0}] NOT successfully 
 dataSourceRealm.authenticateSuccess=Username [{0}] successfully authenticated
@@ -90,7 +89,6 @@ realmBase.authenticateSuccess=Username [{0}] successfully 
 realmBase.cannotGetRoles=Cannot get roles from principal [{0}]
 realmBase.createUsernameRetriever.ClassCastException=Class [{0}] is not an 
 realmBase.createUsernameRetriever.newInstance=Cannot create object of type 
-realmBase.credentialHandler.customCredentialHandler=Unable to set the property 
[{0}] to value [{1}] as a custom CredentialHandler has been configured
 realmBase.credentialNotDelegated=Credential for user [{0}] has not been 
delegated though storing was requested
 realmBase.delegatedCredentialFail=Unable to obtain delegated credential for 
user [{0}]
 realmBase.digest=Error digesting user credentials
diff --git a/java/org/apache/catalina/startup/ 
index 306b35e..23fa2d2 100644
--- a/java/org/apache/catalina/startup/
+++ b/java/org/apache/catalina/startup/
@@ -35,7 +35,6 @@ contextConfig.authenticatorInstantiate=Cannot instantiate an 
authenticator of cl
 contextConfig.authenticatorMissing=Cannot configure an authenticator for 
method [{0}]
 contextConfig.authenticatorResources=Cannot load authenticators mapping list
 contextConfig.badUrl=Unable to process context descriptor [{0}]
-contextConfig.baseError=Unable to determine location of global configuration 
(usually $CATALINA_BASE/conf)
 contextConfig.cce=Lifecycle event data object [{0}] is not a Context
 contextConfig.contextClose=Error closing context.xml
 contextConfig.contextMissing=Missing context.xml: [{0}]
@@ -51,7 +50,6 @@ contextConfig.inputStreamFile=Unable to process file [{0}] 
for annotations
 contextConfig.inputStreamJar=Unable to process Jar entry [{0}] from Jar [{1}] 
for annotations
 contextConfig.inputStreamJndi=Unable to process resource element [{0}] for 
 contextConfig.inputStreamWebResource=Unable to process web resource [{0}] for 
-contextConfig.invalidSci=The ServletContentInitializer [{0}] could not be 
 contextConfig.invalidSciHandlesTypes=Unable to load class [{0}] to check 
against the @HandlesTypes annotation of one or more ServletContentInitializers.
 contextConfig.jarFile=Unable to process Jar [{0}] for annotations
 contextConfig.jndiUrl=Unable to process JNDI URL [{0}] for annotations
@@ -74,11 +72,8 @@ contextConfig.stop=ContextConfig: Processing STOP
 contextConfig.unavailable=Marking this application unavailable due to previous 
 contextConfig.unknownUrlProtocol=The URL protocol [{0}] was not recognised 
during annotation processing. URL [{1}] was ignored.
 contextConfig.urlPatternValue=Both the urlPatterns and value attributes were 
set for the [{0}] annotation on class [{1}]
-contextConfig.webinfClassesUrl=Unable to determine URL for [{0}]
 contextConfig.xmlSettings=Context [{0}] will parse web.xml and 
web-fragment.xml files with validation:[{1}] and namespaceAware:[{2}]
-embedded.authenticatorNotInstanceOfValve=Specified Authenticator is not a Valve
-embedded.noEngines=No engines have been defined yet
 embedded.notmp=Cannot find specified temporary folder at [{0}]
 engineConfig.cce=Lifecycle event data object [{0}] is not an Engine
@@ -122,7 +117,6 @@ hostConfig.deploying=Deploying discovered web applications
 hostConfig.docBaseUrlInvalid=The provided docBase cannot be expressed as a URL
 hostConfig.expand=Expanding web application archive [{0}]
 hostConfig.expand.error=Exception while expanding web application archive [{0}]
-hostConfig.expanding=Expanding discovered web application archives
 hostConfig.ignorePath=Ignoring path [{0}] in appBase for automatic deployment
 hostConfig.illegalWarName=The war name [{0}] is invalid. The archive will be 
 hostConfig.jmx.register=Register context [{0}] failed
diff --git a/java/org/apache/catalina/webresources/ 
index 5b3f8b8..a69c178 100644
--- a/java/org/apache/catalina/webresources/
+++ b/java/org/apache/catalina/webresources/
@@ -41,7 +41,6 @@ fileResource.getUrlFail=Unable to determine a URL for the 
resource [{0}]
 fileResourceSet.notFile=The file specified by base and internal path 
[{0}]{1}[{2}] does not exist.
 jarResource.getInputStreamFail=Unable to obtain an InputStream for the 
resource [{0}] located in the JAR [{1}]
-jarResource.getUrlFail=Unable to determine a URL for the resource [{0}] 
located in the JAR [{1}]
 jarResourceRoot.invalidWebAppPath=This resource always refers to a directory 
so the supplied webAppPath must end with / but the provided webAppPath was [{0}]
@@ -49,7 +48,6 @@ jarWarResourceSet.codingError=Coding error
 standardRoot.checkStateNotStarted=The resources may not be accessed if they 
are not currently started
 standardRoot.createInvalidFile=Unable to create WebResourceSet from [{0}]
-standardRoot.createNoFileResourceSet=The FileResourceSet feature has not yet 
been implemented
 standardRoot.createUnknownType=Unable to create WebResourceSet of unknown type 
 standardRoot.invalidPath=The resource path [{0}] is not valid
 standardRoot.invalidPathNormal=The resource path [{0}] has been normalized to 
[{1}] which is not valid
diff --git a/java/org/apache/coyote/ajp/ 
index cd547d6..124f257 100644
--- a/java/org/apache/coyote/ajp/
+++ b/java/org/apache/coyote/ajp/
@@ -24,8 +24,6 @@ ajpnioprotocol.releaseEnd=Done iterating through our 
connections to release a so
 ajpnioprotocol.releaseStart=Iterating through our connections to release a 
socket channel [{0}] conversion failed
-ajpprocessor.failedread=Socket read failed
-ajpprocessor.failedsend=Failed to send AJP message
 ajpprocessor.header.error=Header message parsing failed
 ajpprocessor.header.tooLong=Header message of length [{0}] received but the 
packetSize is only [{1}]
 ajpprocessor.readtimeout=Timeout attempting to read data from the socket
diff --git a/java/org/apache/coyote/http11/ 
index f39bb91..40a037c 100644
--- a/java/org/apache/coyote/http11/
+++ b/java/org/apache/coyote/http11/
@@ -20,7 +20,6 @@ abstractHttp11Protocol.httpUpgradeConfigured=The [{0}] 
connector has been config
 \ Note: further occurrences of HTTP request parsing errors will be logged at 
DEBUG level.
 http11processor.header.parse=Error parsing HTTP request header
-http11processor.neverused=This method should never be used
 http11processor.request.finish=Error finishing request
 http11processor.request.inconsistentHosts=The host specified in the request 
line is not consistent with the host header
 http11processor.request.invalidScheme=The HTTP request contained an absolute 
URI with an invalid scheme
@@ -49,9 +48,7 @@ iib.invalidmethod=Invalid character found in method name. 
HTTP method names must
 iib.parseheaders.ise.error=Unexpected state: headers already parsed. Buffer 
not recycled?
 iib.readtimeout=Timeout attempting to read data from the socket
 iib.requestheadertoolarge.error=Request header is too large
-iib.socketClosed=The socket has been closed in another thread
 iob.failedwrite=Failed write
 iob.failedwrite.ack=Failed to send HTTP 100 continue response
-iob.illegalreset=The response may not be reset once it has been committed
 iob.responseheadertoolarge.error=An attempt was made to write more data to the 
response headers than there was room available in the buffer. Increase 
maxHttpHeaderSize on the connector or write less data into the response headers.
diff --git a/java/org/apache/coyote/http2/ 
index 84fae85..7b57d2c 100644
--- a/java/org/apache/coyote/http2/
+++ b/java/org/apache/coyote/http2/
@@ -61,19 +61,14 @@ http2Parser.processFrame.unexpectedType=Expected frame type 
[{0}] but received f
 http2Parser.processFrameContinuation.notExpected=Connection [{0}], 
Continuation frame received for stream [{1}] when no headers were in progress
 http2Parser.processFrameData.lengths=Connection [{0}], Stream [{1}], Data 
length, [{2}], Padding length [{3}]
 http2Parser.processFrameData.window=Connection [{0}], Client sent more data 
than stream window allowed
-http2Parser.processFrameGoaway.payloadTooSmall=Connection [{0}]: Goaway 
payload size was [{1}] which is less than the minimum 8
 http2Parser.processFrameHeaders.decodingDataLeft=Data left over after HPACK 
decoding - it should have been consumed
 http2Parser.processFrameHeaders.decodingFailed=There was an error during the 
HPACK decoding of HTTP headers
 http2Parser.processFrameHeaders.payload=Connection [{0}], Stream [{1}], 
Processing headers payload of size [{2}]
-http2Parser.processFramePing.invalidPayloadSize=Settings frame received with 
an invalid payload size of [{0}] (should be 8)
 http2Parser.processFramePriority.invalidParent=Connection [{0}], Stream [{1}], 
A stream may not depend on itself
-http2Parser.processFramePriority.invalidPayloadSize=Priority frame received 
with an invalid payload size of [{0}] (should be 5)
 http2Parser.processFramePushPromise=Connection [{0}], Stream [{1}], Push 
promise frames should not be sent by the client
 http2Parser.processFrameSettings.ackWithNonZeroPayload=Settings frame received 
with the ACK flag set and payload present
-http2Parser.processFrameSettings.invalidPayloadSize=Settings frame received 
with a payload size of [{0}] which is not a multiple of 6
 http2Parser.processFrameWindowUpdate.debug=Connection [{0}], Stream [{1}], 
Window size increment [{2}]
 http2Parser.processFrameWindowUpdate.invalidIncrement=Window update frame 
received with an invalid increment size of [{0}]
-http2Parser.processFrameWindowUpdate.invalidPayloadSize=Window update frame 
received with an invalid payload size of [{0}]
 http2Parser.swallow.debug=Connection [{0}], Stream [{1}], Swallowed [{2}] bytes
 pingManager.roundTripTime=Connection [{0}] Round trip time measured as [{1}]ns
@@ -113,7 +108,6 @@ streamProcessor.service.error=Error during request 
 streamStateMachine.debug.change=Connection [{0}], Stream [{1}], State changed 
from [{2}] to [{3}]
 streamStateMachine.invalidFrame=Connection [{0}], Stream [{1}], State [{2}], 
Frame type [{3}]
-streamStateMachine.invalidReset=Connection [{0}], Stream [{1}], State [{2}], 
Reset is not permitted in this state
 upgradeHandler.allocate.debug=Connection [{0}], Stream [{1}], allocated [{2}] 
 upgradeHandler.allocate.left=Connection [{0}], Stream [{1}], [{2}] bytes 
unallocated - trying to allocate to children
@@ -145,7 +139,6 @@ new remote stream ID of [{0}] 
was requested but the
 upgradeHandler.tooManyRemoteStreams=The client attempted to use more than 
[{0}] active streams
 upgradeHandler.tooMuchOverhead=Connection [{0}], Too much overhead so the 
connection will be closed
 upgradeHandler.unexpectedAck=Connection [{0}], Stream [{1}], A settings 
acknowledgement was received when not expected
-upgradeHandler.unexpectedEos=Unexpected end of stream
 upgradeHandler.upgrade=Connection [{0}], HTTP/1.1 upgrade to stream [1] [{0}], HTTP/1.1 upgrade failed
 upgradeHandler.upgradeDispatch.entry=Entry, Connection [{0}], SocketStatus 
diff --git a/java/org/apache/jasper/resources/ 
index d9c1ce1..b770462 100644
--- a/java/org/apache/jasper/resources/
+++ b/java/org/apache/jasper/resources/
@@ -157,13 +157,11 @@ jsp.error.params.emptyBody=jsp:params must contain at 
least one nested jsp:param
 jsp.error.params.invalidUse=jsp:params must be a direct child of jsp:plugin Error in the tag library descriptor: [{0}]
 jsp.error.parse.xml=XML parsing error on file [{0}]
-jsp.error.parse.xml.invalidPublicId=Invalid PUBLIC ID: [{0}]
 jsp.error.parse.xml.line=XML parsing error on file [{0}]: (line [{1}], col 
 jsp.error.parse.xml.scripting.invalid.body=Body of [{0}] element must not 
contain any XML elements
 jsp.error.plugin.badtype=Illegal value for 'type' attribute in jsp:plugin: 
must be 'bean' or 'applet'
 jsp.error.plugin.nocode=code not declared in jsp:plugin
 jsp.error.plugin.notype=type not declared in jsp:plugin
-jsp.error.plugin.wrongRootElement=Name of root element in [{0}] different from 
 jsp.error.prefix.refined=Attempt to redefine the prefix [{0}] to [{1}], when 
it was already defined as [{2}] in the current scope.
 jsp.error.prefix.use_before_dcl=The prefix [{0}] specified in this tag 
directive has been previously used by an action in file [{1}] line [{2}].
 jsp.error.prolog_config_encoding_mismatch=Page-encoding specified in XML 
prolog [{0}] is different from that specified in jsp-property-group [{1}]
diff --git a/java/org/apache/tomcat/util/buf/ 
index 9f2c9fa..226c041 100644
--- a/java/org/apache/tomcat/util/buf/
+++ b/java/org/apache/tomcat/util/buf/
@@ -25,7 +25,6 @@ c2bConverter.recycleFailed=Failed to recycle the C2B 
Converter. Creating new Buf
 hexUtils.fromHex.nonHex=The input must consist only of hex digits
 hexUtils.fromHex.oddDigits=The input must consist of an even number of hex 
-uDecoder.convertHexDigit.notHex=[{0}] is not a hexadecimal digit
 uDecoder.urlDecode.conversionError=Failed to decode [{0}] using character set 
 uDecoder.urlDecode.missingDigit=Failed to decode [{0}] because the % character 
must be followed by two hexademical digits
 uDecoder.urlDecode.uee=Unable to URL decode the specified input since the 
encoding [{0}] is not supported.
diff --git a/java/org/apache/tomcat/util/http/parser/ 
index e4cc162..e9d54bb 100644
--- a/java/org/apache/tomcat/util/http/parser/
+++ b/java/org/apache/tomcat/util/http/parser/
@@ -41,4 +41,3 @@ http.tooFewHextets=An IPv6 address must consist of 8 hextets 
but this address co
 http.tooManyColons=An IPv6 address may not contain more than 2 sequential 
colon characters.
 http.tooManyDoubleColons=An IPv6 address may only contain a single '::' 
 http.tooManyHextets=The IPv6 address contains [{0}] hextets but a valid IPv6 
address may not have more than 8.
-http.wrongOctetCount=An IPv4 address should have exactly 4 octets, not [{0}].
diff --git a/java/org/apache/tomcat/util/net/ 
index 995f9d4..8abe55e 100644
--- a/java/org/apache/tomcat/util/net/
+++ b/java/org/apache/tomcat/util/net/
@@ -45,14 +45,12 @@ accept failed to configure endpoint for ALPN using [{0}]
 endpoint.alpn.negotiated=Negotiated [{0}] protocol using ALPN
 endpoint.apr.applyConf=Applying OpenSSLConfCmd to SSL context
-endpoint.apr.assignConf=Assigning SSL context to OpenSSLConfCmd context
 endpoint.apr.checkConf=Checking OpenSSLConf
 endpoint.apr.errApplyConf=Could not apply OpenSSLConf to SSL context
 endpoint.apr.errCheckConf=Error during OpenSSLConf check
 endpoint.apr.errMakeConf=Could not create OpenSSLConf context
 endpoint.apr.failSslContextMake=Unable to create SSLContext. Check that 
SSLEngine is enabled in the AprLifecycleListener, the AprLifecycleListener has 
initialised correctly and that a valid SSLProtocol has been specified
 endpoint.apr.invalidSslProtocol=An invalid value [{0}] was provided for the 
SSLProtocol attribute
-endpoint.apr.makeConf=Creating OpenSSLConf context
 endpoint.apr.maxConnections.running=The APR endpoint does not support the 
setting of maxConnections while it is running. The existing value of [{0}] will 
continue to be used.
 endpoint.apr.maxConnections.unlimited=The APR endpoint does not support 
unlimited connections. The existing value of [{0}] will continue to be used.
 endpoint.apr.noSendfileWithSSL=Sendfile is not supported for the APR/native 
connector when SSL is enabled
@@ -120,7 +118,6 @@ endpoint.warn.noLocalPort=Unable to determine local port 
for socket [{0}]
 endpoint.warn.noRemoteAddr=Unable to determine remote address for socket [{0}]
 endpoint.warn.noRemoteHost=Unable to determine remote host name for socket 
 endpoint.warn.noRemotePort=Unable to determine remote port for socket [{0}]
-endpoint.warn.noSendfileWithSSL=Sendfile is not supported for the connector 
when SSL is enabled
 endpoint.warn.unlockAcceptorFailed=Acceptor thread [{0}] failed to unlock. 
Forcing hard socket shutdown.
 jsse.invalid_truststore_password=The provided trust store password could not 
be used to unlock and/or validate the trust store. Retrying to access the trust 
store with a null password which will skip validation.
diff --git a/java/org/apache/tomcat/util/net/jsse/ 
index bae8f03..0877d81 100644
--- a/java/org/apache/tomcat/util/net/jsse/
+++ b/java/org/apache/tomcat/util/net/jsse/
@@ -14,13 +14,9 @@
 # limitations under the License.
 jsse.alias_no_key_entry=Alias name [{0}] does not identify a key entry
-jsse.enableable_ciphers=Specified SSL ciphers that are supported and 
enableable are : [{0}]
-jsse.exceptionOnClose=Failure to close socket.
 jsse.excludeProtocol=The SSL protocol [{0}] which is supported in this JRE was 
excluded from the protocols available to Tomcat
 jsse.invalidTrustManagerClassName=The trustManagerClassName provided [{0}] 
does not implement
-jsse.invalid_ssl_conf=SSL configuration is invalid due to [{0}]
 jsse.noCertFile=SSLHostConfig attribute certificateFile must be defined when 
using an SSL connector
-jsse.noDefaultCiphers=Unable to determine a default for ciphers for [{0}]. Set 
an explicit value to ensure the connector can start.
 jsse.noDefaultProtocols=Unable to determine a default for sslEnabledProtocols. 
Set an explicit value to ensure the connector can start.
 jsse.noKeys=No aliases for private keys found in key store
 jsse.openssl.effectiveCiphers=Ciphers used: [{0}]
@@ -30,7 +26,6 @@ jsse.pemParseError=Unable to parse the key from [{0}]
 jsseSupport.certTranslationError=Error translating certificate [{0}]
 jsseSupport.clientCertError=Error trying to obtain a certificate from the 
-jsseUtil.invalidTrustCert=The certificate for [{0}] in the trust store is not 
valid and has, therefore, been excluded in the list of certificates sent to the 
 jsseUtil.noCrlSupport=The truststoreProvider [{0}] does not support the 
certificateRevocationFile configuration option
 jsseUtil.noVerificationDepth=The truststoreProvider [{0}] does not support the 
certificateVerificationDepth configuration option
 jsseUtil.trustedCertNotChecked=The validity dates of the trusted certificate 
with alias [{0}] were not checked as the certificate was of an unknown type
diff --git a/java/org/apache/tomcat/util/net/openssl/ 
index eb037b9..2b5e31f 100644
--- a/java/org/apache/tomcat/util/net/openssl/
+++ b/java/org/apache/tomcat/util/net/openssl/
@@ -17,7 +17,6 @@ engine.ciphersFailure=Failed getting cipher list
 engine.emptyCipherSuite=Empty cipher suite
 engine.engineClosed=Engine is closed
 engine.failedCipherSuite=Failed to enable cipher suite [{0}]
-engine.handshakeFailure=Failed handshake: [{0}]
 engine.inboundClose=Inbound closed before receiving peer's close_notify
 engine.invalidBufferArray=offset: [{0}], length: [{1}] (expected: offset <= 
offset + length <= srcs.length [{2}])
 engine.noSSLContext=No SSL context
@@ -29,15 +28,11 @@ engine.nullName=Null value name
 engine.nullValue=Null value
 engine.openSSLError=OpenSSL error: [{0}] message: [{1}]
 engine.oversizedPacket=Encrypted packet is oversized
-engine.renegotiationUnsupported=Renegotiation is not supported
 engine.unsupportedCipher=Unsupported cipher suite: [{0}] [{1}]
 engine.unsupportedProtocol=Protocol [{0}] is not supported
 engine.unverifiedPeer=Peer unverified
 engine.writeToSSLFailed=Failed writing to SSL, returned: [{0}]
-keyManager.nullCertificateChain=Null certificate chain
-keyManager.nullPrivateKey=Null private key
 openssl.X509FactoryError=Error getting X509 factory instance
 openssl.addedClientCaCert=Added client CA cert: [{0}]
 openssl.applyConf=Applying OpenSSLConfCmd to SSL context
diff --git a/java/org/apache/tomcat/websocket/ 
index 820f06c..4f6f3b7 100644
--- a/java/org/apache/tomcat/websocket/
+++ b/java/org/apache/tomcat/websocket/
@@ -109,7 +109,6 @@ wsSession.duplicateHandlerBinary=A binary message handler 
has already been confi
 wsSession.duplicateHandlerPong=A pong message handler has already been 
 wsSession.duplicateHandlerText=A text message handler has already been 
 wsSession.flushFailOnClose=Failed to flush batched messages on session close
-wsSession.instanceDestroy=Endpoint instance unregistration failed
 wsSession.instanceNew=Endpoint instance registration failed
 wsSession.invalidHandlerTypePong=A pong message handler must implement 
 wsSession.messageFailed=Unable to write the complete message as the WebSocket 
connection has been closed
diff --git a/java/org/apache/tomcat/websocket/server/ 
index d76f79c..005c2f1 100644
--- a/java/org/apache/tomcat/websocket/server/
+++ b/java/org/apache/tomcat/websocket/server/
@@ -19,9 +19,6 @@ serverContainer.duplicatePaths=Multiple Endpoints may not be 
deployed to the sam
 serverContainer.encoderFail=Unable to create encoder of type [{0}]
 serverContainer.failedDeployment=Deployment of WebSocket Endpoints to the web 
application with path [{0}] in host [{1}] is not permitted due to the failure 
of a previous deployment
 serverContainer.missingAnnotation=Cannot deploy POJO class [{0}] as it is not 
annotated with @ServerEndpoint
-serverContainer.missingEndpoint=An Endpoint instance has been request for path 
[{0}] but no matching Endpoint class was found
-serverContainer.pojoDeploy=POJO class [{0}] deploying to path [{1}] in 
ServletContext [{2}]
-serverContainer.servletContextMismatch=Attempted to register a POJO annotated 
for WebSocket at path [{0}] in the ServletContext with context path [{1}] when 
the WebSocket ServerContainer is allocated to the ServletContext with context 
path [{2}]
 serverContainer.servletContextMissing=No ServletContext was specified
 upgradeUtil.incompatibleRsv=Extensions were specified that have incompatible 
RSV bit usage

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