Am 2019-10-09 um 23:23 schrieb Mark Thomas:
On 09/10/2019 22:03, Michael Osipov wrote:
Am 2019-10-09 um 19:08 schrieb Mark Thomas:
On 09/10/2019 16:58, Michael Osipov wrote:

while working on an improvement for Http11Processor I have noticed there

if ((contentEncodingMB != null)
     (contentEncodingMB.indexOf("gzip") != -1))

The parsing of this is much tighter on input. For output I think this is
a reasonable trade-off. The worst that will happen is that Tomcat won't
compress something it might have been able to.

I agree on output, but there is at least on counter example:

         // Check if browser support gzip encoding
         MessageBytes acceptEncodingMB =

         if ((acceptEncodingMB == null)
             || (acceptEncodingMB.indexOf("gzip") == -1)) {
             return false;

It would even accept "Accept-Encoding: figzip" as valid input.

That isn't there in 9.0.x. I wonder why the new CompressionConfig class
isn't being used in 8.5.x (that parses this correctly). I have a vague
recollection of backwards compatibility issues with the back-port but it
is worth revisiting that.

Checked CompressionConfig in master:

if (contentEncodingMB != null &&
                (contentEncodingMB.indexOf("gzip") != -1 ||
                        contentEncodingMB.indexOf("br") != -1)) {
            return false;

        if ((acceptEncodingMB == null) || (acceptEncodingMB.indexOf("gzip") == 
-1)) {
            return false;

don't look any better, do they?


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