--- Comment #5 from Mark Thomas <> ---
The proposal never went past draft 03 in 2012. I'm wondering why.

The max parameter is already deprecated in draft 03. I don't think Tomcat
should be implementing a deprecated feature of a draft proposal without a very
good reason and I can't see one at this point.

I can see the timeout could be useful in avoiding sending a request just as the
server was closing the connection, triggering a TCP reset and a need to resend
the request. However, for that to work the client needs a reasonable estimate
of the latency between the client and the server and that isn't always

That it is intended to send this header only when the client sends "Connection:
keep-alive" doesn't really change things. Browsers usually send that. Having to
parse the request header and likely generate the response header adds overhead
to every request. It would be useful to have a sense of the scale of that

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