Am 2019-10-11 um 17:06 schrieb Mark Thomas:
On 11/10/2019 13:21, Michael Osipov wrote:

while working on BZ-63835 I have noticed an odd thing and I'd like
someone to review whether my code/understanding is wrong or the one
already present in Tomcat.


we have a total of 100 requests (HTTP/1.1 302).

That is consistent with the docs that state there will be
maxKeepAliveRequests before the connection is closed.

I'd assume the
connection to sustain 100 requests and on the n+1 requests to be closed.

That assumption is not consistent with the documentation (which has been
the same for as long as I can remember).

I have just reread the documentation in Tomcat and in HTTPd. They both sound similiar, but why are both differntly implemented? Would you say that bouth have a different intepretation and neither is wrong?

I tend to agree with your that if 100 is send 100 is max, and not 100 + 1.


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