I've been looking into BZ 63931. The error messages I was expecting to
see were not there.

The first odd thing I noticed was an NPE here:

bsh.getSendResult() returned null. That shouldn't happen.

I added some debug logging and found that the call to writeMessagePart()
on the previous line was returning before the SendResult was populated.

Tracing the code for writeMessagePart() led me to

The issue appears to be that state.start() at


effectively always does non-blocking writes. If the write buffer is full
(which is the scenario I am testing) 0 bytes are written, the socket is
passed to the Poller and the call returns.

I hacked in the following code just after the state.start()

if (block == BlockingMode.BLOCK) {
    if (read) {
    } else {

I'm sure that code is wrong. It was just intended as a quick hack to
force the call to block until the write had completed. It had the
desired effect and I started to see the error messages I expected.

I'm not familiar enough with the asyncIO code yet to know where the best
place to fix this is. Rémy, are you able to help?



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