I'm looking at the TODO list, in addition to some extra items. In order ...

- Java 11.
I suppose Jakarta EE 9 will require Java 11, is Java 11 [going to be]
required for Tomcat 10 ? It could be better to do it in 10.1.

- Remove the use of system properties to control configuration wherever
I still don't see the point for quite a few of them. For others however,
using sys props was a mistake, example the facade recycling. Also, the
digester can now pull from system and env properties, giving full
flexibility. Also also, this is a handy way to do things in cloud. I think
we should target the ones which should make sense.

- Reduce instances of setters and getters for the same property existing on
an object and its parent. This may require new objects to be exposed via
Fixed enough ?

- Remove APR connector.
Is there still general approval for that, and is that still the plan for
Tomcat 10.0 ?

- Clean-up content-type header processing.
No opinion on that.

- RFC 3986 states (section 2.2) that a %nn encoded delimiter is NOT
equivalent to the decoded form. Provide an option not to decode delimiters
in %nn form.
Mark is working on it.

- Refactor DefaultServlet to use Ranges in parseRanges().
I looked at it and I don't get it.
In particular the Content-Ranges header (
https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7233#section-4.2) that uses
The parser here requires a '=' but that should be a space in content-range
(ranges uses the '=' however), the example given in the spec is
"Content-Range: bytes 42-1233/1234".
Just wondering before starting to refactor.


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