With reference to my (OP) Users mailing list thread with exactly the same title as this...

I have attached an svn diff for a minor change to the README.txt in the root directory of the site svn repository:-


Please feel free to change it if you think my wording could be improved.

Once committed, I intend to make a corresponding change to the more important web page which points to the site repository, i.e.


I hope this represents a small improvement,

Index: README.txt
--- README.txt  (revision 1875534)
+++ README.txt  (working copy)
@@ -4,13 +4,24 @@
-DO NOT EDIT THE .html files in the docs directory.
-Please follow the directions below for updating the website.
+You might be puzzled when you find this checkout does not contain the xml or 
+file or files you were hoping to update. This is because the external apache 
+web site appears to be a single entity, but it is constructed from several 
+Each major version of Tomcat ships with, and is capable of hosting its own
+documentation on its own local web site. Therefore, the source files for those 
+pages can be found in the xdocs subdirectory of the specific version of Tomcat.
 The Tomcat web site is based on .xml files which are transformed
 into .html files using XSLT and Ant.
+DO NOT EDIT THE .html files in the docs directory!
+Please follow the directions below for updating the website.
 In order to make modifications to the Tomcat web site, you need to first check 
 the Tomcat site from SVN. To check out the Tomcat site into a sub-directory
 called tomcat-site in the current directory:

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