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--- Comment #79 from Matthew Buckett <> ---
> There were multiple reasons for dropping the reason phrase in 9.0.x:
> - RFC 7230 states that clients SHOULD ignore it and therefore why bother
> sending it

But it can help developers in debugging problems and it's not a MUST, so it's
still acceptable.

> - HTTP/2 doesn't support the reason phrase at all

But someone moving their service from HTTP/1 to HTTP/2 will probably want to
change their error handling and this is a good time to do it (not when they
attempt to upgrade Tomcat).

> - It has always (going back to at least RFC 2616) been optional - i.e. spec
> compliant clients should accept a zero length reason phrase

Lots of things are optional in the spec but Tomcat still allows them.

> - It does save a few bytes although this will be in the noise for most users

So why remove it as a config option, it was already not being sent in most 8.5

> - It allowed a little complexity to be removed (the possibility of custom
> reason phrases and ensuring that they were safe) from the processing of
> every request. This will be in the noise for most users.

This to me seems to only valid reason here and it's basically causing
application developers pain to simplify Tomcat. To me it seems like having the
flag was a nice solution (people who needed it could enable it), newly
developed applications wouldn't see it and would hopefully adopt RFC 7230

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