On 14/05/2020 17:46, Mark Thomas wrote:
> On 14/05/2020 16:48, Christopher Schultz wrote:
>> All,
>> I'm interested in the history of the StandardSession.writeObjectData
>> method. I've been looking at it lately because I'm interested in
>> possibly (optionally) encrypting the sessions in the backend session
>> store. But this isn't about encryption at all.
>> The code for StandardSession.doWriteObject(ObjectOutputStream stream)
>> looks like this:
>>         // Write the scalar instance variables (except Manager)
>>         stream.writeObject(Long.valueOf(creationTime));
>>         stream.writeObject(Long.valueOf(lastAccessedTime));
>>         stream.writeObject(Integer.valueOf(maxInactiveInterval));
>>         stream.writeObject(Boolean.valueOf(isNew));
>>         stream.writeObject(Boolean.valueOf(isValid));
>>         stream.writeObject(Long.valueOf(thisAccessedTime));
>> Is there any reason we are writing object wrappers for these primitive
>> members instead of just writing the primitives directly?
> That code goes all the way back to at least Tomcat 3.1.x (20+ years ago).
>> It turns out that the byte stream is identical whether one uses
>> objects or primitives,
> That surprises me. Looking at the JRE source code it really surprises
> me. So much that I am going to go and try it for myself.

My testing shows the opposite. There is a significant difference between
writing primitives and writing objects.

Given backwards compatibility requirements we can't change this in 9.0.x
and earlier.

> One reason we might want to stick with writing objects is to support
> sessionAttributeValueClassNameFilter. I'm only going from reading the
> source so I could easily have missed something but it looks like that
> will only work if we write/read objects.

We only care about this for session attributes. We know our internal
attributes are safe so we could switch to primitives in 10.0.x.


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