--- Comment #9 from Felix Schumacher <> ---
OK, so I will try to relax the schema.

Currently a role, that is defined after a user has "defined" a role, will reset
the membership and therefore loose the connection to the user. That has been
fixed with the patch. Another problem was, that a role - again defined through
an user entry - had no description. That has been fixed with the patch, too.

Now, the only part undefined would be, when a xml file contained a role (or
user or group) twice (with different descriptions). Then only the first
definition would be used (loosing the second one). But the users would still be
connected to a role with the correct name.

So given a xml structure like

 <user name="u1" roles="r1"/>
 <role name="r1" description="first"/>
 <user name="u2" roles="r1"/>
 <role name="r1" description="second"/>

would lead to one role (r1 with description "first"), that is connected to the
users u1 and u2.

Currently this would lead to two users u1 and u2 that are not connected to any
role and one role (r1 with description "second").

And yes, I know, that the xml structure was not valid according to our xsd :)

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