Bug ID: 64528
           Summary: Regression in 8.5.56, no statistics in
                    GlobalRequestProcessor MBean anymore
           Product: Tomcat 8
           Version: 8.5.56
          Hardware: PC
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: Catalina
  Target Milestone: ----

We have used GlobalRequestProcessor MBean recently to access embedded Tomcat's
performance metrics.
This worked very well with 8.5.55 and 8.5.54 (and maybe it worked before too,
but not tested).
With 8.5.56, all values of GlobalRequestProcessor are 0 now.

I made a diff of both versions (8.5.55 against 8.5.56) sourcecode but could not
find an obvious source of the problem. 

I have seen Bug 63362, but this is not related, since it worked before 8.5.56
and we are not using websockets.

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