On 30/06/2020 04:47, Cesar Hernandez wrote:
> Hi!,
> I'm able to checkout 8.5.56 tag and have a successful: ant
> But I'm getting the following errors [1] after running:  ant test

We would need to see the individual test files to understand each of
those failures.

> I notice that in the build.properties.default there are some  Build
> control flags [2] related for NIO and NIO2, but by checking the Travis
> file I don't see those flags are been set to false during CI runs [3]

Travis is not the primary CI. Travis is being used to test architectures
we don't have as easy access to. The primary CI is at ci.apache.org

> It seems that during Travis build the project
> https://github.com/apache/tomcat-native is also compiled [4] but I
> wonder if I actually need to compile this tomcat-native or if there is
> something else I'm missing that is preventing me to have a successful
> build with all tests passing ok?

Tomcat Native is required to test the APR/Native Connector. The tests
run for each connector but if Tomcat Native is not present the tests
don't run for the APR/Native Connectot. It won't trigger failures.

> My environment:
> - OSX 10.15.5 
> - java version "1.7.0_79"
>  Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_79-b15)
>  Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 24.79-b02, mixed mode)
> - javac 1.7.0_79
> - Apache Ant(TM) version 1.9.9 compiled on February 2 2017
> - Git TAG checkout
> 8.5.56: 
> https://github.com/apache/tomcat/tree/4560d2f5a49965f73ed07cb879f17d9c096c9d13
> [1]
>  [concat] Testsuites with failed tests:
>    [concat] TEST-org.apache.catalina.loader.TestPermissions.NIO.txt
>    [concat] TEST-org.apache.catalina.loader.TestPermissions.NIO2.txt

There are no such tests in the Tomcat source tree nor can I find any
record of such tests. What eaxcatly is running here?

>    [concat]
> TEST-org.apache.catalina.session.TestStandardSessionIntegration.NIO.txt
>    [concat]
> TEST-org.apache.catalina.session.TestStandardSessionIntegration.NIO2.txt
>    [concat]
> TEST-org.apache.catalina.tribes.group.TestGroupChannelMemberArrival.NIO.txt
>    [concat]
> TEST-org.apache.catalina.tribes.group.TestGroupChannelMemberArrival.NIO2.txt
>    [concat]
> TEST-org.apache.catalina.tribes.group.TestGroupChannelStartStop.NIO.txt
>    [concat]
> TEST-org.apache.catalina.tribes.group.TestGroupChannelStartStop.NIO2.txt
>    [concat]
> TEST-org.apache.catalina.tribes.group.interceptors.TestOrderInterceptor.NIO.txt
>    [concat]
> TEST-org.apache.catalina.tribes.group.interceptors.TestOrderInterceptor.NIO2.txt
>    [concat]
> TEST-org.apache.catalina.tribes.group.interceptors.TestTcpFailureDetector.NIO.txt
>    [concat]
> TEST-org.apache.catalina.tribes.group.interceptors.TestTcpFailureDetector.NIO2.txt

Tribes related tests are sensitive to the availability of multicast
networking. From memory, OSX had an issue with that by default.

Use org.apache.catalina.tribes.TesterMulticast to help diagnose.

>    [concat] TEST-org.apache.coyote.http11.TestHttp11Processor.NIO.txt
>    [concat] TEST-org.apache.coyote.http11.TestHttp11Processor.NIO2.txt

Failures in those tests are unusual.

>    [concat] TEST-org.apache.coyote.http2.TestHttp2Section_5_3.NIO.txt

This one might be a timing issue in the test.

>    [concat]
> TEST-org.apache.tomcat.util.digester.TestDigesterPermissions.NIO.txt
>    [concat]
> TEST-org.apache.tomcat.util.digester.TestDigesterPermissions.NIO2.txt

There are no such tests in the Tomcat source tree nor can I find any
record of such tests.

>    [concat] TEST-org.apache.tomcat.util.net.TestClientCert.NIO.txt
>    [concat] TEST-org.apache.tomcat.util.net.TestClientCert.NIO2.txt
>    [concat] TEST-org.apache.tomcat.util.net.TestCustomSsl.NIO.txt
>    [concat] TEST-org.apache.tomcat.util.net.TestCustomSsl.NIO2.txt
>    [concat] TEST-org.apache.tomcat.util.net.TestSsl.NIO.txt
>    [concat] TEST-org.apache.tomcat.util.net.TestSsl.NIO2.txt
>    [concat]
> TEST-org.apache.tomcat.util.net.openssl.ciphers.TestCipher.NIO.txt
>    [concat]
> TEST-org.apache.tomcat.util.net.openssl.ciphers.TestCipher.NIO2.txt
>    [concat]
> TEST-org.apache.tomcat.util.net.openssl.ciphers.TestOpenSSLCipherConfigurationParser.NIO.txt
>    [concat]
> TEST-org.apache.tomcat.util.net.openssl.ciphers.TestOpenSSLCipherConfigurationParser.NIO2.txt

The SSL tests are sensitive to the OpenSSL version present on the
system. Patched versions of OpenSSL tend to trigger failures because the
behaviour doesn't match the reported version number.

>    [concat]
> TEST-org.apache.tomcat.websocket.TestWebSocketFrameClientSSL.NIO.txt
>    [concat]
> TEST-org.apache.tomcat.websocket.TestWebSocketFrameClientSSL.NIO2.txt
>    [concat]
> TEST-org.apache.tomcat.websocket.TestWsWebSocketContainer.NIO.txt
>    [concat]
> TEST-org.apache.tomcat.websocket.TestWsWebSocketContainer.NIO2.txt

I'd recommend identifying the source of the mystery tests first. It
looks like what you are testing is not the Apache Tomcat source code.


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