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>>      new 19ce500  Add support for ALPN on Java 8
>> 19ce500 is described below
>> commit 19ce5009930289f59e63250592f894aaa53cf302
>> Author: remm <r...@apache.org>
>> AuthorDate: Fri May 8 18:36:10 2020 +0200
>>     Add support for ALPN on Java 8
>>     HTTP/2 with a browser does work for me now. Feel free to test, it
>> needs
>>     a very recent Java 8.
>>     It is also possible to get rid of the reflection and JreCompat for
>> ALPN,
>>     but it would create a hard dependency on the newest Java 8s. OTOH,
>>     previous releases will soon be insecure so update is more or less
>>     required. I will start with that change in Tomcat 10, and it could be
>>     backported later to Tomcat 9 and 8.5, when we consider not using a
>>     compatible Java 8 is a problem.
> I intend to make the additional cleanup in Tomcat 10 only for now, after
> CI is updated to a newer Java 8 JVM.
> For reference, the JVM change for Java 8 is here:
> https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8230977

So, two months later I plan to make the change since the required OpenJDK
build is now old enough, and most importantly this is a minor API change
that needs to happen before 10.0 goes out of M mode. Basically, this is the
right time for the cleanup.

The main problem is that CI still hasn't been updated (issue to follow is:
https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/INFRA-20385 ), so the trunk CI build
will break for the time being. This is "fine" as far as I am concerned
since there are now the test runs from github. Also the 9 branch CI is not

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