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|     | Status: UNC=Unconfirmed NEW=New         ASS=Assigned                |
|     |         OPN=Reopened    VER=Verified    (Skipped Closed/Resolved)   |
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|     |   | Severity: BLK=Blocker CRI=Critical  REG=Regression  MAJ=Major   |
|     |   |           MIN=Minor   NOR=Normal    ENH=Enhancement TRV=Trivial |
|     |   |   +-------------------------------------------------------------+
|     |   |   | Date Posted                                                 |
|     |   |   |          +--------------------------------------------------+
|     |   |   |          | Description                                      |
|     |   |   |          |                                                  |
|55243|New|Enh|2013-07-11|Add special search string for nested roles        |
|55470|New|Enh|2013-08-23|Help users for ClassNotFoundExceptions during star|
|55477|New|Enh|2013-08-23|Add a solution to map a realm name to a security r|
|55675|New|Enh|2013-10-18|Checking and handling invalid configuration option|
|55788|New|Enh|2013-11-16|TagPlugins should key on tag QName rather than imp|
|56148|New|Enh|2014-02-17|support (multiple) ocsp stapling                  |
|56166|New|Enh|2014-02-20|Suggestions for exception handling (avoid potentia|
|56300|New|Enh|2014-03-22|[Tribes] No useful examples, lack of documentation|
|56398|New|Enh|2014-04-11|Support Arquillian-based unit testing             |
|56402|New|Enh|2014-04-11|Add support for HTTP Upgrade to AJP components    |
|56438|New|Enh|2014-04-21|If jar scan does not find context config or TLD co|
|56546|New|Enh|2014-05-19|Improve thread trace logging in WebappClassLoader.|
|56614|New|Enh|2014-06-12|Add a switch to ignore annotations detection on ta|
|56713|New|Enh|2014-07-12|Limit time that incoming request waits while webap|
|56787|New|Enh|2014-07-29|Simplified jndi name parsing                      |
|57130|New|Enh|2014-10-22|Allow digest.sh to accept password from a file or |
|57367|New|Enh|2014-12-18|If JAR scan experiences a stack overflow, give the|
|57421|New|Enh|2015-01-07|Farming default directories                       |
|57486|New|Enh|2015-01-23|Improve reuse of ProtectedFunctionMapper instances|
|57701|New|Enh|2015-03-13|Implement "[Redeploy]" button for a web applicatio|
|57827|New|Enh|2015-04-17|Enable adding/removing of members via jmx in a sta|
|57830|New|Enh|2015-04-18|Add support for ProxyProtocol                     |
|57872|New|Enh|2015-04-29|Do not auto-switch session cookie to version=1 due|
|58052|Opn|Enh|2015-06-19|RewriteValve: Implement additional RewriteRule dir|
|58072|New|Enh|2015-06-23|ECDH curve selection                              |
|58935|Opn|Enh|2016-01-29|Re-deploy from war without deleting context       |
|59232|New|Enh|2016-03-24|Make the context name of an app available via JNDI|
|60849|New|Enh|2017-03-13|Tomcat NIO Connector not able to handle SSL renego|
|61877|New|Enh|2017-12-08|use web.xml from CATALINA_HOME by default         |
|62214|New|Enh|2018-03-22|The "userSubtree=true" and "roleSubtree=true" in J|
|63080|New|Enh|2019-01-16|Support rfc7239 Forwarded header                  |
|63167|New|Enh|2019-02-12|Network Requirements To Resolve No Members Active |
|63195|Inf|Enh|2019-02-21|Add easy way to test RemoteIpValve works properly |
|65809|New|Enh|2022-01-19|Reduce memory footprint for long-lasting WebSocket|
|65995|Inf|Nor|2022-04-06|Change JavaScript MIME type from application/javas|
|66178|Inf|Nor|2022-07-25|Reduce garbage from strings in AbstractArchiveReso|
| Total   36 bugs                                                           |

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