--- Comment #8 from Vincent Liautaud <> ---
Hi Remy,

thank you for your reply and i understand the issue regrding the memory usage
of this concurrent map.
Anyway, as explained before we have been in a position where multiple requests
exist at a time for a same session (which is explicitly explained to avoid in
your documentation, as you noticed) because :
1-The documentation contained an example of filter :

This filter introduced a malicious space character before the .*\.css !!!
For users (like me) who had copy and paste this filter in their configuration
file, all css requests were not filtered (so Servlet + CSS generate concurrent
requests for a same session => It seems you have corrected the documentation
recently (So Thanks, problem fixed).

2-There had no debug trace in order to display all the requests that have not
been filtered. This kind of trace would be very useful to identify some lack on
the filter (to check that no file type extention have been forgotten on these


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