--- Comment #13 from Anurag Dubey <> ---
(In reply to Mark Thomas from comment #11)
> (In reply to Mark Thomas from comment #8)
> > The alternative approach is not faster. The test that showed it was was not
> > a fair test. I will be applying a variation of the original patch.
> To be clear the original patch/approach from John Engebretson is faster than
> alternative patch/approach proposed by Anurag Dubey.
> Both are faster than binary search.

I agree that the earlier test shared for Alternative enum lookup approach
didn't involve a switch lookup. I have created another test involving switch
after the enum lookup, which looks faster than other 2, thoughts on this ?

Benchmark                            Mode  Cnt   Score   Error   Units
LookupVsSwitch.binarySearch         thrpt   15  12.175 ? 0.472  ops/us
LookupVsSwitch.fromLookupAndSwitch  thrpt   15  19.759 ? 0.878  ops/us
LookupVsSwitch.fromSwitch           thrpt   15  15.106 ? 0.520  ops/us

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