chenggwang commented on PR #671:

   protected boolean setSocketOptions(SocketChannel socket) {
           NioSocketWrapper socketWrapper = null;
           try {
               // Allocate channel and wrapper
               NioChannel channel = null;
               if (nioChannels != null) {
                   channel = nioChannels.pop();
               if (channel == null) {
                   SocketBufferHandler bufhandler = new SocketBufferHandler(
                   channel = createChannel(bufhandler);
               NioSocketWrapper newWrapper = new NioSocketWrapper(channel, 
               channel.reset(socket, newWrapper);
               connections.put(socket, newWrapper);
               socketWrapper = newWrapper;
   Only `channel.reset(socket, newWrapper)` is executed. The sc, newWrapper 
attributes in channel are only assigned values.And chanel's toString method 
looks like this `super.toString() + ":" + sc.toString()` .sc.toString() then 
raises the null pointer during IDEA debugging.
   <img width="824" alt="fixbug 2023-10-10 231457" 

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