On 22/03/2024 10:54, Koteswararao Gundapaneni wrote:

While building the tomcat source 8.5.100 its giving an error with java 7

below is the error

ANT_OPTS is set to  -Djava.security.manager=allow
Error occurred during initialization of VM
java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: allow : Unsupported major.minor
version 52.0

in Building.txt file it has the following instruction

  3. Install the JDK according to the instructions included with the release.

so if am not wrong, we could suggest java11 is required for the build
process in the instructions given

Yes, you are wrong.

PLEASE read the documentation first. Specifically this sentence from BUILDING.txt

Download a version 11 or later of Java Development Kit...


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