Bug ID: 68826
           Summary: Tomcat fails on startup with signed jar with
           Product: Tomcat 9
           Version: 9.0.86
          Hardware: PC
            Status: NEW
          Severity: blocker
          Priority: P2
         Component: Catalina
  Target Milestone: -----

Created attachment 39635
Stacktrace on java 8

Overview: Tomcat fails on startup with StackOverflowError when there is a
signed jar with inside.
Steps to Reproduce:
1) Download and unpack Apache Tomcat.
2) Create a signed jar with file inside.
3) Put the jar from step 2 to $TOMCAT_HOME/lib folder.
4) Launch Tomcat with
Actual Results:
Tomcat fails with StackOverflowError.
Expected Results:
Tomcat starts successfully.
Builds and Platforms:
The bug can be reproduced on Windows or Linux platforms.
It showed up when we had upgraded Java to 8u381, also it is actual for Java
17.0.10. Does not reproduce in earlier versions of JRE.
Additional Information: There is a JDK bug, which is marked as solved, but
here it is.

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