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When can I expect the update on the HTTP/3 protocol implementation?


RFC 9114 <https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/html/rfc9114> (June 2022) -

Not yet implemented by Apache Tomcat. (As of July 2022)

Why pick "July 2022" as an arbitrary date to be not-implemented-as-of instead of, say, TODAY?


(This reference doesn't seem relevant.)

h3 is not currently a priority for the Apache Tomcat team, for several reasons:

1. Tomcat is very often used behind a reverse proxy, where persistent HTTP or h2 connections can be used to "solve" the connection-establishment "problem".

2. Java does not currently provide an implementation of h3. This means we either have to wait for Java to provide such an implementation or look to outside libraries such as Quiche. One of the goals of Tomcat is to have as few dependencies as possible, so using Quiche, etc. would be contrary to those goals.

3. OpenSSL currently does provide an implementation of h3 but it is very different than both the current implementation of TLS and also anything offered by Java (which does not yet exist).

This is a project run by a small group of volunteers, not a large company with many resources. We all have "day jobs" where we spend most of our time.

You've been making inquiries about becoming a committer on the project. One way to score a lot of points towards that might be to propose a working implementation of h3 that can be added to a currently-supported version of Tomcat. I would encourage you to work exclusively on the 11.x branch, as that is where most new functionality is added before being back-ported to the other stable branches.


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